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aelijah85 in oc_plotbunnies

Will you adopt me?

What if Ryan had  Haptephobia And not just a dislike of being touched? because srsly I feel after growing up w/ that much abuse he was a bit symptom free for the most part. Anger issues,trust issues and some other things seen here and there in various episodes aside. Plus I am a h/c junkie so I would love to read a story like this.



ahem... sorry for the 'yelling', but... I've been toying with something similiar, so seeing that someone would be interested? Yeah, I'm gonna jump on it... lol
Oh.My.Guh! yes.yes.YES! thank you.thank you.THANK.YOU!
If I had known i would have just sent the bunny to you with a carrot and a wave in the first place..lol
I can not wait to see what you do with this because you do damaged!Ryan so so well, and also are the "Queen of x-over's", in my book any way, but that is neither here nor there. so yeah, enough gushing from me *blushes*

P.S. Didn't mind the yelling. also i am open for any PMing or e-mail for whatever, thanks again.
lol... I ALMOST asked if you'd mind if it wound up being a crossover... lol... I have no clue WHAT it would end up crossed over with, but... it might because this IS me and I do tend to do crossovers... If there's any fandom from my tags (or that I've mentioned but haven't added a tag for yet, like Queer As Folk or Glee) you specifically would NOT want it crossed with (because you don't know or don't like the fandom) just let me know and I'll avoid it...
I didn't see any that I would definitely not want to see crossover's with, although it would be interesting to see how you would do an ATWT/The OC x-over. But I will let you know now I am NOT a fan of Ryan/Marissa-ship unless it is a very good story.I don't mind her in the story but just not with Ryan, as far as ships in "The OC" universe I like Ryan/Anna, Ryan/Taylor & Ryan/Seth, but if you don't put any ships in the fic I'm good just wanted to give you a heads up.