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danglies, Butt

katwoman76 in oc_plotbunnies

Cop!Ben meets Season1!Ryan

A few days ago I made this manip.

With all these wonderful talented writers here the question is:
Who writes a matching story?

Idea 1: Ben Sherman was born as Ben Atwood. He changed his name to avoid being associated with Frank and Dawns rap sheets. When he decided to become a cop, that made him the enemy in the eyes of his parents who wouldn't want to have anything to do with him anymore and beat the "stay away from him" into his little brothers as well. Over the years he lost track of Trey and Ryan...

Idea 2: Ben Sherman was still a kid (maybe 12 or so?), when his baby brother was stolen from them. That experience was one of the main reasons he became a cop later. They never found his brother but now he suddenly sees these all too familiar blue eyes...

Any other idea you might come up with.

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Love it!
Enough to write it??? *hope*
It's tempting. But I don't think so. Though you never know...
Very interesting idea. Can't write it through because I'm working on a bunny two Eric Balfour characters are father and son;)
Eric Balfour
Hehe, why am I not surprised :)
Great idea Kat. I hope someone gives it a home.*nods*.It'd be 'AWESOME' Hee
I hope so too.