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indigorayne in oc_plotbunnies

OC/Southland xover

Twenty five years ago Ben Sherman's wife* wanted a baby but couldn't have one. It just so happens that one of his client's wife just had twin boys. The client, Frank Atwood, is looking at a long stretch in prison and all of the evidence is against him. Ben and Frank make a deal in exchange for getting him off free and clear of all charges, Frank gives Ben one of the baby boys**. The truth finally comes out when Ben, Jr. and Ryan are twenty-five.***


Twenty five years ago Ben Sherman's wife* has twin boys**. One is kidnapped, a ransom is paid but the baby is never recovered. The truth comes out when they are twent-five.***

*I checked IMDB and she is listed as Mrs. Sherman, no first name.

**I know the timeline is off for them to be the same age but wth :b

***or there abouts. I'm assuming Ben, Jr. is around that age when he becomes a cop.


I would love to read both.
I was hoping for some X-Overs with Ben and Ryan being brothers somehow, but so far not many have been written.
MissMara has written one (where Ryan is Ben's little brother), which you might like
but let's hope for more writers picking it up.
Yes, I hope so!