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indigorayne in oc_plotbunnies

Another uncle

I had a dream where Ryan runs into his uncle Jamie* (Dawn's brother) in San Franciso/Berkeley. Ryan recognizes him but the uncle doesn't at first because he hadn't seen Ryan since he was a little boy. Uncle Jamie runs a drag club and was the non-violent non-addict "white sheep" of the family. There was Sandy/Jamie bonding over mutual anti-Frank feelings and a mention of where Ryan gets his love of heels from Seth. Also there was some confusion when Ryan introduces Kirsten as his mom. There was also something about Ryan dressing up in his uncle's clothes when he was little and Frank being upset about it.

* Eddie Izzard was Uncle Jamie in my dream.


That is so beyond awesome. I'm tempted. Does one have to claim a plotbunny (I'm a relative newbie) or does one just post a fic?
< mod-hat > Just post a comment here asking to claim the bunny. If the bunny poster accepts your claim, they'll reply saying so. The "bunny needs home" tag will be removed and the "bunny found home" will be added to this post (either by a moderator or the poster). When you've got your story written, you don't post it here, but post it in the usual places where stories are posted (e.g. fanfiction.net, your LJ journal, theoc_fiction, etc). Easy :-) < /mod-hat >

In that case I would like to formally ask to give this lovely plotbunny a home. It will be very happy. I can do wonderful things with carrots. ;-)
You got it! :D
I like this Uncle Jamie.
Yeah, he's cool. :)